Former Catholic discovering Christ Consciousness w/the Gift of Sight; Marie Christine

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Hindsight always enables us to have a greater perspective on the trials that we go through in life. In today’s story, with Marie Christine, after 20 years, it is now easy to see how a spiritual crisis was the catalyst to bring her to this present moment, a spiritualist in the active pursuit and practice of truth and happiness. At the time when the collapse happened though, of course it was one of the greatest trials that would define her understanding of the world.

Maire grew up as a staunch Catholic. There was very little wiggle room for the spiritual in that time in her life but she loved God so much that this lack went unnoticed. It wasn’t until she got to college that she realized the prescribed belief of having faith in spite of and/or lack of experience, that she acknowledged Catholicism was not the path for her. This moment of losing that faith completely changed her identity. Like a pendulum, how she engaged with life going from one extreme of religion, to agnostic-like, created the space for her to reset and then be able to discover what she really felt and believed in. It was after finding the works of Yogananda and connecting with a group that her spiritual path began to take shape.

Interestingly enough, it was during her studies of spiritual psychology as a masters student, that she also pursued a plant medicine journey that would bring her full circle back into and old aspect of her former life in a new way by accepting her connection and relationship with Jesus. While pushing herself for a greater understanding of the universe, she was extensively studying the mysticism of plant medicine in between the practical psychology of the spiritual. When she finally had her journey, Christ came to her in a way that has forever left its mark on her life. It was such a positive & unexpected experience that left her realizing that Christ consciousness is always with us, had never left her, it was there to tap into moving forward in the future.In her work now as a spiritual counselor, some of the interesting things that Marie has noticed with individuals, is the difference between how the ego/brain will approach the world versus Spirit when someone is more in tune with their connection and/or channeling an energy. Spirit is much more vast, open and loving while the ego is more direct, methodical and often exacting. By noticing that within her clients, she’s able to tease out more of their awareness and connection to their spiritual side even by asking questions & simply giving them the tools to know how they’re speaking internally and externally can indicate where they’re at with their connection.

Marie Christine’s story is one of the greatest transformations going from one extreme of religion, to neutrality/seeking, defining alternate paths and awareness in the spiritual realm in terms of Hinduism and indigenous belief, defining Christ consciousness back in the center of it all, connected in every aspect of our life. Thank you for joining & now let’s dive in

Maria Christine

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