Founder of the New Age in the Spiritual Mecca of Sedona: Anita Dalton

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In our own journey of spirituality, there is a point in time when you realize that the foundation of the road you travel on was laid down by someone else. While it still may not be easy to travel upon, there are feet that have walked on it before to have hopefully made it that much easier to continue on your path. In today’s podcast we have Anita Dalton joining us from Sedona, Arizona and is one of those individuals that has come before. She is the founder of the Center For The New Age and has an incredible story to share, as she was at the forefront of the woo woo before being mainstream. She said that one of her greatest joys over 30 years of supporting individuals at the center, has been to see the broad range of people who are now being able to tune in to themselves in this powerful way with men, youth & women of all ages joining the scene.

Her story begins in New Jersey, as an Italian, Catholic girl who was extraordinarily devoted to church. She would go any time that she could, after school, finding peace and reverence in her life at such a young age. She went so far as to wanting to become a nun when she got older. Her family kabashed that idea, fortunately for us. It wasn’t until she joined the sales force and wanted to be her absolute best, and that she found her way back into being aware of energy, after having taken a break from the church & spirituality as a teenager. With this new understanding, her sales ability skyrocketed and she was able to move out to California to start a new life.

Anita was eventually was called to take a spiritual journey herself, out to Colorado, seeking something greater than herself & dragging her husband at the time along. After making it out that far she realized,they had overshot her destination. So on their way back to California, they had stopped in Flagstaff for lunch and was serendipitous guided down to Sedona as a spiritual spot. Making only so far as the canyon, Anita had an incredible bliss experience and realized that this is where she was meant to be. From there she had incredible, yet taxing experiences in getting the Center for the New Age started, constantly worrying about how it’s going to work and realizing that spirit was smarter and then all she needed to do was take the next logical step for it to become what it is now. She emphasized, there was no plan, only the faith & trust it was going to be what it needed to.

In terms of the weird, she also has a great tale to share of a ghost encounter in Jerome on the other side of the Verde Valley and discovering the love of her life and what could easily be considered a reverse Cinderella story, with a perfect ring to fit the man who was meant to be in her life, to which she is currently with. Thank you so much for joining today & let’s dive in for this epic adventure

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