The Bridge between communing with Animals & the departed: Susan Allen

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There is a space in the spiritual realm that connects the ability to speak with the dead, as well as animals and today we have Susan Allen with us to express her journey of discovering both. Born in New York, from a big Italian family, Susan struggled with her sensitivity in the world from an early age.Her family, due to generational and local culture, was not able to understand or support her much, feeling she was just weird. The exception, on occasion, would be her father, whom she cited that he would take her to see animals when she got far too overwhelmed with life, to help calm her down. It was this connection that would stay with her for the rest of her life and drive her to land in California when she finally moved away from the East Coast.

Susan was visiting the Pacific and was amazed to see the array of animals on the beach and in the water, in contrast to where she was from, that she knew she was ‘home’ and needed to live there. Not quite into the spiritual realm, she was still at the time working more of a 3-D job doing real estate. She laughed now, knowing she’s always been good at selling houses because of her psychic abilities yet at the time, she had felt there was more to life for her. It wasn’t until she had to slow down due to some surgeries and start taking care of herself, that her gifts really revealed themselves.

During Susan‘s recovery time of her multiple surgeries, she was taking care of a horse. It was this animal that opened up her abilities by communicating about its life and how it was feeling, with all of the trials & tribulations it had experienced. From there, an animal communication class caught her attention and it was another horse that was able to relay its fairytale-like story of its life to her and within that moment, Susan understood her calling. For years she would meet with people on the sly, using her maiden name so that her husband wouldn’t know what she was up to, Susan read for dozens upon dozens of individuals, helping people to understand their relationships with themselves and their pets, to new profound, life-altering levels.

She still cites animal communication as her main driving passion, yet it would eventually lead her into mediumship and supporting those living with the passing of their loved ones. It was through a fateful day of working with a woman needing advice about her cats, that the woman’s father came through in the form of an image, in a picture, that now Susan’s mediumship came forth. In a pleasant synchronicity for Bringonthewoo, as the individual Susan worked with quite a bit to understand her gift was Tim Braun, another amazing Medium out of California who we have had the pleasure of interviewing before. It was through him, working with it herself & taking some courses to guide her, that she has become the internationally renowned medium we know today. Thank you so much for joining & now let’s dive in to this riveting story!

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