Mysteries of the Universe & Life found in the Body with Julie Farhbach

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Some of the greatest mysteries in the world are often spoken of in terms of the exploration of space as the ‘great unknown.’ This statement is then frequently countered by those who point out, and rightfully so, that there are still many aspects of our own planet that we have yet to explore and remain our mystery, such as the absolute depth of the ocean, yet so close home. Oddly enough though,next to our consciousness, our own physical bodies are still an enigma that we constantly are discovering new things about, such as the body‘s ability to store memory from this life & others in the facia. In today’s podcast we have Julie Fahrbach with us diving into this much unexplored frontier.

Julie delves into her history as a very profoundly sensitive child, what she would later discover to be profound empathy that she was frequently overwhelmed with & learned to shut down. She then expresses how this shutdown would lead to decades of neglect & absolute burnout from forcing herself to live a life that was ‘normal’ & yet extraordinarily destructive for her system. She discovered a healing modality called TRE that opened up her eyes to the trauma she was carrying in her hips. After having an incredible experience of recalling a memory of being a baby being forced to eat food she didn’t want to, Julie then dove even further into the discovery of a new frontier and quickly took a deep dive into learning more about releasing these memories from the body not only for herself but for others as well.

It was after an episode on GAIA that she was introduced to the modality of Body Memory Recall & she knew that from that point on, what her true calling was. After driving out to Sedona to experience it herself, she quickly took her certifications & is now a BMR practitioner. How it works is by using gentle manipulation to trigger releases or what is known as an unwinding process, releasing deeply stored traumas remembered within our system. Julie has even had the ‘weird’ experience of witnessing people die on her table from past life death scenarios that were so anguishing that the memories of it were still being carried and hurting the person’s system. After they release these experiences, individuals can move forward with grace, ease & health in their lives. Besides the amazing transformations she’s seen in the work she does with others, she really cites her own transformation as being the most incredible for herself.

Julie imparts the wisdom that it is imperative to honor your soul’s calling & how you feel. If you’re miserable in your job or career, it is difficult to make a change as she knows & yet, its the difference between pulling off a bandaid or a piece of duct tape if you allow yourself to stay for too long. Listen to your inner knowing & it won’t steer you wrong! In the meantime, thank you for joining usfor the woo today & let’s dive in!

Julie Farbach

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