An Ancient Art Form Brought to Life in Spiritual Practice & Healing with Robert Abrams

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Chinese medicine has its roots in thousands of years of history and is still extremely relevant today. There is so much encompassing in this holistic approach to health and healing as it seeks to have no stone left unturned on the path to wellness. It covers the body by analyzing the symptom manifestations by working with the organ systems and meridians. It also observes the mind and the kinds of emotions the person has in order to lead to clues where the spirit (or the thoughts) leads to the disharmony/disease states of the person. With addressing the root of the disease of the mind, body, and spirit approach, a path to healing is made available to the seeker. By the regulation of these systems you find harmony through balance thus alleviating disease.

In today’s story we have Robert Abrams who dives into his experience of discovering the power to heal through Chinese Medicine, and how it forever changed his life for the better as it awakened within him to his spiritual path and purpose. His story of healing starts with the debilitating gastrointestinal issues that would have him for many years seeking out counsel with many kinds of different doctors only to find him hitting dead ends and cause even more physical pain. In his symptoms he explains his digestive system would feel like it was digesting glass. It wasn’t until being absolutely debilitated from pain and disillusioned with doctors he sought out an eastern approach to wellness.

Robert was brought into the clinic of a chinese acupuncturist, and after a lengthy consultation was placed in the hands of the massage therapist who performed a Tui-na massage. This massage is to loosen and relax the body before the acupuncture session. While on the table the therapist asked a simple question of “How long had he been coming to the clinic?” He then informed the therapist he originally started seeing the doctor about a year prior. Shocked and baffled by the fact that seeing the Doctor for a year and still in such a diseased condition mortified the massage therapist. The massage therapist then explained with obvious disbelief as to how he could still been suffering by saying “You have seen the doctor this long and your still sick!?” Robert then realized he didn’t give this approach to healing a chance due to the bad experiences with prior doctors. This was a defining moment in his life leading to taking everything this doctor had to offer very seriously.

Robert then experienced what’s known as a ‘healing crisis’ which occurred from consistent sessions with the doctor two or sometimes three times a week. The healing crisis occurs when channels are opened and stuck emotions and suppressed traumes come to the surface to be processed from the body through the use of massage, acupuncture, and medical qi-gong. This lasts for a different amount of time after each session due to the release of the stuck energy. With the disease reversing itself with vital life force energy now getting to the organs and areas of the body it so vitally needed. He started to experience unbelievable happiness and a pain free body, allowing him to once again eat. Not only did his digestion repair itself, but also led to him having many different kinds of mystical experiences he goes into detail about within the interview. A few experiences he talks about are astral projection, seeing ghosts, and all sorts of strange phenomena you’ll have to hear to believe.

It was from this exposure to Chinese medicine that Robert then took a deeper look at practicing and learning more about qi-gong and eastern based forms of healing, which led him to study under various Daoist Priests and mystics. His first Sifu/teacher blew his mind with watching him drag an individual across the room using only his life force energy, that Robert explained really drove his curiosity and passion into becoming a practitioner himself due to the fact of what else is possible. Through focus and dedication to assisting and helping others with healing modalities such as learning qi-gong, he could not only heal his own body of disease, but could also then assist others to heal as well.

Some of the big takeaways that he encourages people to be aware of are: really using your own discernment and intuition in regards to the teachers you choose, as well as the medical professionals that you follow for your own health and healing journey. After having had so many misguided diagnoses and experiences, he has been a big advocate of that practice of discernment for others. Another big thing that he imparted was to stretch and expand into your awareness of how the universe works, as the more you do good, the more magic you will experience!

Robert Abrams

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