An Ancient Art Form Practiced in Movement & Stillness: Katie Auditori

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There are ancient systems that have been left to us by our ancestors, that with the grace of God, have remained significantly intact to be able to help us find ourselves within the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual realms, as so much can be lost to time & the destructive human nature. Today we are diving into the system that is the origin or root of what we know as yoga, the physical asanas that we do for health/fitness, yet this exercise and stretching regimen is part of a deeper system for our spiritual development than most are aware of. Joining us today is Katie Auditori, a yoga practitioner and spiritual healer who has been utilizing this tradition to help others heal by imparting the tools needed to help create the space for self-sustaining awareness and well-being.

Her awakening path started very young in the Catholic church. Yet instead of being indoctrinated by just one faith, her spiritual curiosity and awareness of others facilitated her to be curious and observant from a young age and question how and why things were the way they were, including the people in her life. She always found herself excelling in cultural and philosophical studies, even though attending a Catholic school, that would eventually drive her into the practice of meditation, what she calls an evolution to her devotion to prayer, to further her connection with God. Katie states that she feels she did things , on her path, as most people start with a physical practice like yoga or martial arts and then are guided into meditation. She found her journey took her there first, to create expanded self-awareness. It was after years of a meditative practice though, that she felt she was stagnating and a yoga practice then created the space for her pranas to move and unlock hidden aspects of herself that she expresses are vital in conjunction with a meditation practice, as otherwise those energies become trapped.

Katie’s story goes into some of the weirdest things that occurred, quite a few of which are connected to her observations of pranas, or life force energies of the subtle body, moving in her physical vessel, that were opening up her heart for example or giving her energy in ways she had never been able to identify before. She’s also had divine interactions with individuals, of course at the grocery store, having them tell her story to her in a time where she felt lost, so this individual could remind her she was connected to divine love in essence.

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