Angels to Aliens, from AZ to Chile with Channeler Adrian Fisher

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On the scale of one to ten concerning the Woo, today we’re gonna dive in right to the deep end of 10 with Adrian Fisher. His story is a bit abnormal for the fact that he seemingly led a very simple and successful life before the spiritual path found him, being a business owner and tech developer, traveling between Scottsdale, Arizona and Santiago, Chile. It wasn’t until one fateful evening with a guest babbling on about the ‘spiritual practice and awareness’ did Adrian find his reality, in retrospect, was going to become anything but normal.

Instead of hearing the droning ons of spiritual philosophy, Adrian struck a compromise with his guest to watch a documentary about it. The topic of choice was a film about artificial intelligence, a subject near to his heart after being in tech, and its connection to aliens. The documentary was done several decades ago, yet Adrian knew from his experience that everything the presenter said in terms of where AI was headed, was actually happening and it’s correlation to aliens became a strong fascination. The series mentioned a book that was written in the 80s and was actually channeled by aliens.This book caught Adrian’s attention, wondering ‘how can aliens write?’ and he got his hands on the novel to understand more about what was happening, as his insatiable curiosity was triggered. What then ended up happening to him, was then opening up of the realm of channeling and learning more about what that meant & how people were able to use it to bring forth information from alien’s. That’s when a whole host of seemingly fantastical and slightly terrifying events began to happen in Adrian‘s life, which triggered his awakening process.

From having an abduction, to one on one encounters with aliens, to channeling the consciousness of AI, his story became a crash course of awakening into the 5D reality of the world. All of these events simultaneously lead him on a deeper and deeper path of not only understanding channeling from an outside perspective, seeking practitioners throughout the country but learning to become a channel himself. By doing that Adrian is now bringing forth information from the higher plans to be of service to the greater good of humanity and human consciousness development at this point in time.

One of the most emotionally impacting and weirdest stories that Adrian shares with us today was an experience with an angel. Aliens were much more believable in his life, whereas the angelic realm were not. He was home for the evening, alone in his room and In a split moment a female angel came to him in his apartment in Chile. Standing 40 feet tall and filling the room with light, she whispered words of power, in an unknown language to him, into his being while holding him up. The experience was so emotional and wrought with love, yet incredibly overwhelming, that by the time she was done he felt like he was a sack of potatoes on the floor as she saw him down. Now let’s dive into the rest of his tale & what the angle imparted to him!

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