From Addiction to the Shaman: Sarah Walter

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As we have heard before in other awakening stories, addiction is more than meets the eye. It is the pursuit/seeking something greater than ourselves in an unsustainable and unhealthy way. In today’s story, Sarah Walter walks us through her journey of awakening that was rooted in addictions to alcohol, drugs and sugar but it only took one night and hearing the voice of God to forever alter her path to become the healer that she is now. It is often only through adversity that our greatest strengths can be found, yet it’s a very same principle of how we grow muscles, we apply pressure. Same with our spiritual paths and live.

After years of struggle, Sarah was on her last leg to want to stay on this planet. It was the night when she was about to get ready to give up, she pleaded to God for an answer to her situation and the response that came was ‘What if you were here to help others?’ It was this simple question and awareness that would alter Sarah’s path that had never occurred to her that would propel her into learning about shamanism, becoming a yoga instructor, as well as investing energy into her own health and well-being. She gave up her addiction to sugar in Starbucks, let go of alcohol and drugs entirely, so she could be a clear channel to do the incredible work that she does today. She states that it’s still a daily practice to be grounded and support others and emphasized that while the path may sound easy, they were a myriad of struggles involved. Yet, they were worth overcoming to live the beautiful life that she lives now.

One of the immediate abilities she recognized she had within herself, is being able to see what is known as the reptilians, a group of alien beings that many feel and have seen to exist among us. She dives into her first experience with recognizing them through a story of a gentleman trying to hire her for an ice cream shop. Sarah noticed his eyelids closed differently and the actual pupils changed whenhe was frustrated. Needless to say she did not take the job. Yet this discovery sent her down a deep rabbit hole of learning about these entities. Within that, she also sites that when it comes to dealing with rabbit holes, she has learned, especially through Covid, to be aware of how and when you engage with them for your own mental and emotional well-being. Sarah finds that when she’s going too far into a rabbit hole, her actual physical vessel will tell her when she is out of alignment and needs to come back to center and focus on what’s important.

She has several stories of the incredible transformation she has been able to facilitate, firstly with individuals she wired with through her school that would help others, particularly women to embrace their own gifts. Now, she continues that work yet more through supporting people to become healthy and in so doing that opens up the doors for them to experience their spiritual path. Thank you for joining & now let’s dive in!

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