Andrew Newman: Crossing the Globe & Cultures to Spark Healing w/Creativity

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There is a fine line between the worlds of creativity, imagination, and the deep spiritual unknown that exists within us all. All three of these realms are interconnected to bring forth incredible ideas and stories that are just sitting there waiting for us. Such as a case with our guest today Andrew Newman, originally from South Africa, who is a prolific, ‘conscious stories,’ children’s book author, as well as a creativity coach for those seeking that seemingly hidden part of themselves. Like most, his story was wrought with trials and tribulations to get to where he is now.

Originally from a family of jewelers spanning four generations back, Andrew’s early life was preoccupied with the realm of customer service in the shop. He expressed that when he was with people, it was really wonderful job. Yet in the long hours of waiting between each customer, those moments that spanned into years, started taking a toll on his mental, emotional and physical body. He realized that he needed to find a new path in life, which would literally take him out of South Africa to the United States to not only explore the external places but also the internal realms. It was in the United States that he got extraordinarily sick with glandular fever yet Andrew began to notice that in that illness haze, even something as simple as placing his hand over an area of ailments, could alleviate the discomfort. It was shortly thereafter that Andrew had his first Reiki session and was introduced to the work of Barbara Brennan and the way of healing. Somewhere in the mix of that too, he also had the epiphany that he was incredibly creative, something that had never been validated in his life before his early 30s.

His path as an author came when what began as a simple poem, would end up being his first of over 20 children’s books of his conscious kids collection. Andrew has never struggled for inspiration as he’s been able to tap into that internal realm, where the very things that he’s looking for are waiting for him when he’s ready. He gives a great example in a time when he went to a silent meditation, that lasted for four days, only to discover shortly after it ended, a kids book was in the works in his mind with the story of the boy who sought silence.

One of the weirder moments that he experienced in his life was running into a woman in the UK in an outdoor festival setting, whose boyfriend happened to practice an extraordinarily rare form of Reiki that Andrew had experienced elsewhere on the island and wanted to try again. And a really big take away that he shares within his story is about bringing forth creativity within people, to reclaim the power of their own imagination, sense of well-being, and voice that had been stifled in life. How we show up to speak up for ourselves, changes everything in our lives. Thank you for joining and now let’s dive into the realm of creativity with Andrew as our Captain & Guide.

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