Haunted Houses & Dying Again & Again to Live: Elizabeth Chambers

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Elizabeth Chambers

Ranging on the scale of Woo today, we are going into the absolute deep end with Elizabeth Chambers out of Cheyenne, Wyoming. She is an incredibly gifted healer who has been working in this realm for more than 40 years after having grown up in the spiritual realm with her extended family’s support. Her immediate family suppressed their gifts due to their fear and religious background, yet she found solace with her Aunt’s & Uncles due to their awareness of family’s gifts that she was carrying forth. Elizabeth is one of the first to dive into her stories about her near death experience and what it’s like to be on the other side. She also gives us a good feel for working with spirits: those that are good and those that may be causing mischief in the home.

Her story really begins as a young child having a multitude of experiences that only her aunts and uncles would support her with because her parents were afraid that her abilities were of the Dark side and would lead to eternal damnation. It wasn’t until she was an adult that she was able to leave the church and go out and discover alternate practices in Faith‘s that would guide her in her life.

A crucially pivotal point in Elizabeth’s life was when she had an allergic reaction to a penicillin shot at the eight of 24, that would put her into anaphylaxis and caused her death. She states that she was dead for 20 minutes. It wasn’t until she realized that, while she could see the EMTs and talk to them they couldn’t talk to her, that she knew what had happened. It was from here that she journeyed to the other side to receive messages regarding her life and the future of things and how they were to unfold.

Elizabeth states that the other side is one of the most beautiful, peaceful places that you can be and she was very hesitant to come back. It was the awareness that her grandchildren would never come to fruition if she didn’t but she needed to make it back to the earth plane, made clear to her by her guardian angel that was leading her through the spirit side.From that moment in time her gifts were heightened, citing that she crossed over several times to help other people transition and then was brought back herself.

After years of doing this, Elizabeth asked spirit to find a new way to help others transition or deal with that, as it was too taxing to keep dying herself and it was from that point on that she became a medium. She now is able to embody a soul spirit in the same vessel so that someone can have peace with their passing.In regards to ghosts, Elizabeth and I both go into the importance of learning how to navigate spirits that are stuck on this plane, as she frequently is called to do house clearing and release those energies, something you should only try to do if trained, otherwise you end up playing with fire. Now let’s dive in!

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