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The perfect life on paper looks very similar for most people across the board from a young age. We want to be happy and we associate that with having a relationship, getting married, buying a house with a white picket fence, having children, and having a career that brings us fulfillment as well as money to top it off. Again on paper, these all sound absolutely wonderful. In reality there’s a huge discrepancy in that imagery with life in actuality. In the case of Abigail Gazda, she was on her way to be able to have all of these things in her life, until the other shoe dropped. She was out house shopping with her new husband/former long-term boyfriend of nine years, before he came to her and said that he wanted to divorce after only six months of marriage and her world completely changed forever on that day. In hindsight, she said that she could see the signs leading up to the split & cites this as well as her knee injury that ended her college basketball career, as the most pivotal points of her awakening process.

After Abigail’s break up with her husband, which took place only within a short 45 minute window, did she realize that she needed to find herself and discover a new path. This journey would take her physically from the Midwest out of California and it was so rich with experience and details as well as emotional highs and lows that she ended up creating a fictional story about it and her book Talking to Trees. It was on that journey that she became more aware of her spiritual path, even if it would sometimes make her feel crazy to do things, such as talk to trees or the ocean or the land and get messages back, Abigail was driven onwards. It was through this exploration and expressing her own story in writing that her company, Hearts Unleashed was created. Through which she has been able to help a multitude of individuals including big name personalities and celebrities to create their own books and transform their lives in unimaginable ways through her coaching. Her biggest goal with her work is to get people to become more aware of their centers within themselves, found in the heart. By knowing this space intimately, everything else becomes such a blessing.

Abigail is an advocate for pushing boundaries, as she has discovered how important it is to do in her own life. These can include just even becoming more comfortable and aware of your body like embracing your own nudity, when appropriate. She has found that as an author, creativity coach & fellow podcast interviewer that the impact of having people truly find themselves has been without measure. Her energy is so pervasive to hear and enjoy in this interview, that it is difficult not to feel happier yourself upon listening. It is truly a treat today to experience her passion for life and wisdom that she’s gained along the way, so now let’s dive in to enjoy this wonderful being!

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