Grace and Ease Found in the Arrangement of Our Lives via Feng Shui w/Rajita Antonia

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The realm of the spiritual has everything to do with our ability to interact with it. Most people tend to think of that as more of a ‘psychic’ or ‘metaphysical’ phenomenon, yet today we have the tremendously powerful yet amazingly graceful Rajita Antonia with us to discuss how we can actually interact with it. Rajita describes how feng shui is an accentuation to our lives, much like vitamins and minerals are. We can survive without them yet they create more health and well-being within us. Same with this ancient art. By developing an understanding or awareness of it, or even engaging with a practitioner such as Rejita, we can really build on our foundation for successful relationships, finances and overall well being.

Her story begins in the deeply spiritual place of Mount Shasta, California. It was there that she was seeking more on her path to discovering the secrets of the universe. It was through awareness of needing a guide to discover the subtle realms of life that Amma, the hugging saint of India, who has hugged over 6 million people in an effort to create global awareness of peace, came into Rajita’s life to help guide her to/through those mysteries. After having met Amma in the United States a few times, she ended up moving to the Saint’s ashram in India for 10 years. After a decade of finding she was overheating and realizing she needed balance the masculine and feminine energies in her life, did Rejita end up in Maui, Hawaii with little to her name yet a desire to be of service.

After seeking counsel of a Vedic astrologer, who had heavily suggested that she teach and practice feng shui, did she realize that this art needed to be on her radar as a business, yet to hit the ground running, she felt she needed another avenue to support herself financially, which turned out to be real estate. Eventually she was able to combine her passion for feng shui and finding homes for others, as her intuitive knowing of the appropriate space for individuals and their own energy in connection to these houses she was looking at, became clearer & clearer.Some of the weird things she’s experienced in her own life is learning where to appropriately place her office, as after unknowingly putting her computer in a zone that was detrimental to work, to the point that her laptop was actually flung away from the space and shattered. She also feng shui’d in her bedroom, to an inch from its life, as she laughingly quotes, to sustain a healthy and happy relationship with her partner. Let’s dive into this eye opening yet ancient practice that can benefit our lives in some tremendously beautiful ways.

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