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Today we are flipping the script on Bring on the Woo, as Mystics For Hire co founder Christy Strauch will be interviewing Veronica Irons, our host, to dive into her awakening path and how and why she is so passionate about the spiritual realm. Veronica’s story begins at a young age with experiences of déjà vu and some guidance gone awry, from the individual she sought counsel with. Her preschool teacher, based on the Southern Baptist community, told Veronica that she was bound for Hell because of her experiences and what she would later come to know as clairvoyance. It was at this pivotal moment that Veronica began walking the spiritual path, finding any and every resource available in the form of used books spanning decades, especially in her teenage years, to help her understand the foundations of the universe & how & why she had these abilities. Veronica is also descended from what’s known as a water witch, so these gifts have also been acknowledged within her family line.

Now as a professional psychic and empath working in Sedona, Arizona for over seven years and with thousands of people, Veronica brings her passion of creating the space and awareness of the spiritual path to individuals to help empower them moving forward in their futures. Frequently by teaching them about their own abilities. Within an innate love of people, She covers with Christy the importance of using discernment with finding & working with a spiritual practitioner when someone is in a vulnerable state such as going through grief or illness. It is important to be open to the possibility of miracles, while still being aware if a particular modality or practitioner may or may not be a fit for you in those fragile spaces. Like any industry it is vital to recognize that there are absolutely those that will take advantage of others, as may can be concerned about yet there are obviously a lot of incredible modalities, genuine healers and authentic guides that wholeheartedly wish to serve the individuals they are working with to create more wellness and well-being.

Some of the weirdest things that she’s ever experienced have been a past life memory recall in an ancient Mayan ruin in Belize, after a botched river rafting trip. Another great example was energetically feeling while visiting the United Kingdom, the land divide between England and Scotland, only to come to find out that in reality they were two islands that did collide and were in fact two different pieces of land that now create the larger island of UK. In terms of working with people in the realm of past lives, the weirdest thing that has ever happened was having someone immediately go to the highest point of consciousness to deliver a rhetoric about the creation of light. This was right off of the bat in studying this modality, so the profound level of consciousness reached was entirely unexpected. To experience the whole story, we invite you to dive in & Bring on the Woo!

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