From Rags to Riches, trusting in Spirit: Brett Labit

Bring On The Woo is hosted by Veronica Irons, a professional psychic in Sedona, Arizona. Veronica has worked with thousands of individuals in her seven years as a healer, helping them become more aware of their own abilities and hidden talents, and revealing how those traits help shape their future.

A spiritual awareness and practice is by no means separate from our seemingly day-to-day lives. In the realm of business there is zero exception to this as well. The more and more we become aware of the greater reality that we are in and are affected by, the more success we can find, even in commerce. Today, we have the incredibly prosperous Tribal Leadership Coach Brett Labit with us to express his awareness and insight to the importance of engaging with the spiritual path, to create abundance within our endeavors. From his vantage point, energy can be expanded upon within relation within self and also with the intentional interaction with others to create tribe. 

His journey into this knowledge begins with the economic crash of 2008, having been a real estate agent with profound results before the downturn, claiming at the time that money fell from the sky, only to find his world completely shattered with a crash. He went from the proverbial and literal everything to nothing overnight. After taking some time to lick his wounds, he discovered his ability to connect people in a new and more meaningful way. From this reset of life and priorities, Brett discovered the beginnings, of his now 10 year quest, of creating tribes. It only took six months of this work before he was being sought out by city officials, million dollar businessmen and CEOs to the single mom selling Avon, looking to have more connection and success in life. It was from these meetings that Brett discovered a new outlook on leadership that breaks the old paradigm of the ‘leader follower’ model he had grown up with, into leaders leading leaders, or as he says, creating the ‘win-win-win situation’ by focusing on the highest and best outcome for everyone involved.

Some of the big takeaways he wanted to impart from his story are: being aware that business is not separate from our personal moral code and compass. Integrity is everything and losing it within the guise of ‘business’ creates the disconnect that we are currently seeing in our reality at its lowest form/vibration but is  surely starting to change with more and more people desiring collaboration. Another really powerful thing to keep in mind is the importance of paying attention to the inner voice and guidance system that we all have. In Brett‘s case, it is known as claircognizance, or the knowingness. He goes into stories and different time frames where this ability has really helped him, with clear and positive intention, to create incredibly positive outcomes for himself as well as his clients or those he coaches. He gives great examples of how the personal touch in business is more than just a positive gesture, but really brings things into a social perspective or as he calls tribal culture. Lastly, he emphasizes the importance of creating/finding, developing and fostering a tribe within our own lives to help create the influence, positivity and support that we all need to thrive.

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  • I truly enjoyed this podcast. I would love to become tribal than transactional something I just heard in this podcast. I am already doing that since I started my coaching business. I have given my program for free to many people.

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