From Tarot Reader to Seeing into the Truth of Unsolved Mysteries: Trista Wright

Bring On The Woo is hosted by Veronica Irons, a professional psychic in Sedona, Arizona. Veronica has worked with thousands of individuals in her seven years as a healer, helping them become more aware of their own abilities and hidden talents, and revealing how those traits help shape their future.

Moving almost the entire breadth of a country can absolutely change your perspective and awareness of life. Such as the case with Trista Wright in the fact that she moved from West Virginia to Sedona, Arizona, feeling like her transition to this new phase of her life in this space was unique, only to come to find out that when you’re called to Sedona it’s important to heed the call. Unlike moving to anywhere else, your journey to get here will be seemingly unusual until you realize that’s how the energy and the space works, yet upon getting out here, it was a particularly special Valentine’s Day that would change Trista‘s life.

On that day she got a tarot reading for herself, something that she was never interested in before and was immediately approached to be hired to work for the woman she got the reading from, not understanding why. Her first deck of tarot cards made it into her hands that day as well. Simultaneously on valentines, she also got fired from the very job that brought her out to Sedona, yet she was aware but all things happen for a reason and it was OK. This transition also inspired Trista to reflect on her physical, mental and emotional well-being which led her to discovering a yoga practice that she had never engaged with before. 

Not only did this new way to engage with her body help her feel better and, what she would discover later help her be a clearer as a channel, her studio also encouraged her to practice her gift of working with others by reading tarot. Having done that for a while, another really fascinating deck and story would come into her life via the other studio as well. A woman reentering normal life, from having been in prison, connected with Trista and ended up giving her a really rare deck that she uses to this day, that is hard to find out in the real world. Of course immediately after, this individual seemingly disappeared from the area only having been there to deliver these unusual cards to Trista’s hands.

Another really fascinating part of Trista story is the fact that she reconnected with her old life in West Virginia via a woman who had been murdered in her hometown. Trista was having continuous dreams about seeing this woman being beaten, killed and then stuffed in the trunk of a car and it wasn’t until talking to friends back home that she realized the connection and that she was being shown a perspective from a ghost of what had happened in the last moments of life. The story continues as Trista was able to change her dynamic with a ghost/entity by creating some boundaries, as she was constantly being woken up to this brutal scene. Yet even with this change,  she was still witnessing what had happened, creating some peace for this slain woman and knowing that there was a witness to her story, even if it was from halfway across the country. Listening for all of the incredible details!

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