The keys to life found in Mystery & Magic via Math & Music: Ty Hudnall 

Bring On The Woo is hosted by Veronica Irons, a professional psychic in Sedona, Arizona. Veronica has worked with thousands of individuals in her seven years as a healer, helping them become more aware of their own abilities and hidden talents, and revealing how those traits help shape their future.

Today we’re getting to dive into a whole new perspective on the spiritual realm by combining the macrocosmic and the microcosmic realms and bridging their connection and significance into our own lives. There is a profound awareness that comes with being able to have someone help bridge this gap for us. With us is Ty Hudnall, to do just that, who is a practicing Toltec and African shaman, specializing in music, sound healing as well as astrology with decades of experience. In this journey today, he takes us into a deeper awareness of the reality that everything in life is vibration and by understanding the deeper implications of this concept, how when we can create healing and miracles within our life.

Originally from Texas, Ty‘s journey begins with music as a musician and student, having his first out of body experience on the bandstand, leading to a deeper spiritual awakening. He was credits short from graduating with his degree when he left, after he realized that the musical program he was in was guiding him to be a band director and wanted more than that for his life, much to the lament of his family. So Ty then took his path and morphed into a burgeoning healing practice. He utilized his knowledge base of music and used it to become more and more aware of different sound waves and frequencies and how they affect the physical body as well as the material world, finding the longer waves were those hardest to release from the body. To this day, he uses his background in music theory to help facilitate those who studied music as well to create a deeper and more profound understanding of the universe by integrating the awareness of fractal energy found within the scales.

Some of the more unusual things he’s experienced were: 1) hosting a ceremony to help anchor intergalactic and divine loving light into the energy of Dallas and yet discovering that it had to be done in collaboration with a female as a fire keeper, after the first ceremony was abandoned. 2) After the ceremony was eventually completed, by meeting multiple people from Mount Shasta to help with this anchoring integration and collaborating with them, he was then energetically spun out of Dallas and moved to Sedona. After checking with his guide, to confirm it was written in his destiny, he moved. 3) Another was early on in his thai massage practice, he witnessed a woman levitating off of the ground while simultaneously experiencing orgasmic bliss, which he felt as well emanating from her, and after this experience it let him into a deep dive and study of physics. From these studies he reconciled that what he had witnessed does pertain to the natural realm but deals more with someone being in full coherence integration that they end up creating their own gravity. An individual can become so self-organized like stars or planets that they are able to, for all intents and purposes, float.

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