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Bring On The Woo is hosted by Veronica Irons, a professional psychic in Sedona, Arizona. Veronica has worked with thousands of individuals in her seven years as a healer, helping them become more aware of their own abilities and hidden talents, and revealing how those traits help shape their future.

There are so many different ways to support our life‘s energy and to follow the healing path. Today we’re getting the opportunity to journey with Siddiqah Verrett and her discovery of being able to use very gentle plant medicine and facilitating healing for herself, her family, and for her community. The story is fraught with a tremendous amount of adversity, involving the military, an occult and an incredibly strict religious upbringing. Yet through it all, Siddiqah has found her calling in the magic of medicinal herbs.

Coming from a family with a practicing Muslim father and very devout Christian mother, Siddiqah grew up in an environment that was rife with fear. There was a constant theme of having to be afraid of the repercussions dealing with any thoughts or perspectives that were alternative to the faith within the household. This fear would be an overlying force within Siddiqah’s life, constantly undermining her truth & reality, until she found the courage to face that deep, dark emotion. She would do it through baby steps, such as starting with something as simple as meditation, as in her own words, ‘it was much like prayer’ in her mind. Or to trust her inner wisdom that said when she discovered Esther and Abraham Hicks, that it was OK to not only listen, but also to start creating or what she would call manifesting, her life in her future. From that small opening of curiosity and questioning her reality for her upbringing, her intuition then would act as a pivotal insight and guide for her moving forward.

With a background in the military, as a Chaplain, serving in Japan, her story would connect her with an amazing group of people that would be her family abroad in faith & practice. Upon leaving the military & ending up in Colorado Springs, she & her family found themselves deeply desiring that same connection with others, found a church that felt like it was espousing good truth. Turned out it was a cult that would permanently alter her understanding of faith. It wasn’t until five years later, after learning the power of her No & expressing by leaving the group with her family that Siddiqah would come back to Arizona and begin to process that part of her life. She was even able to write a book about it that you can find on her website delving further into disentanglement. During the aftermath, she poured a lot of love into herself and her family and it wasn’t until a pivotal moment of considering going back into the Air Force, that she had a profound dream that showed her what the future held in store. Siddiqah’s dream revealed to her about working with plants to be able to support the healing of herself and others. In this dream she saw jars upon jars of different flowers and herbs that she would come to learn after certifications can be profoundly magical in facilitating healing for people. Listen in today for this incredible and inspiring journey!

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