Love spanning continents & Covid: Siddiqi Ray, creating visibility across the Pacific

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There is always something so incredible about hearing a truly beautiful love story! While not always comfortable, a good love story needs a dash of adversity for it to come together as well as a healthy dose of faith. The one that I have for you today, spans continents, a dark night of the soul as well as a pandemic. With a lot of belief in the divine Siddiqi Ray, not only waited for the man of her dreams for over a period of two years in Los Angeles, after falling off of a cliff in Mexico and severely damaging her lower body, her connection was tried even further with an impetus to go back to New Zealand again after making her relationship work long distance over the Pacific. This pressing need for her to return would turn out to be the last time she could travel before the pandemic hit, which would then completely close down the country. Her flight turned out to be the last that was allowed to enter New Zealand before the borders entirely shut, leading to an epic twist of fate for not only her love life but her career as well.

Now, after having been established in a new country, getting married over zoom, and creating a life in Auckland, with even new puppies included, Siddiqi was now at a crucial juncture of what to do next with career. Having left the United States in a hurry, she left her camera behind, a tool that she would realize later that had become a crutch after having been a 30 year professional photographer, that the real work she needed to do was to bring women into the limelight and help them discover how to become visible in the world on the camera. Her work as a Visibility Coach has helped her witness people transform themselves to the point doubling their income, or having their dream come true of working with the White House.

The big takeaway is that: Siddiqi would have us remember to trust intuition. Having grown up with it, it has been an invaluable resource to help her navigate life and she strongly encourages everyone to embrace the adventure that intuition offers, even if it doesn’t always make sense as it can lead to incredible connections and stories like she experienced with her husband or eventually her career. 

Siddiqi Ray is a groundbreaking Visibility Mentor who has developed her 30-year career as a professional photographer and master mentor to women, into a program to support change-maker women and business owners to master their visibility to enable their success and results in the world.

Siddiqi is the founder and creator of the ground-breaking Soul Portrait™ process.

For over 30 years Siddiqi has worked with world-leading organizations and leaders including The Mayo Clinic, Target, The Associated Press, The Navy Seals, The Dalai Lama, Nelson Mandela, Deepak Chopra, and The Kennedys to support their visibility and work in the world.

Siddiqi was also awarded the Icon Award by the International Women’s Economic Forum for her work with women community leaders.

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