From being an architect to a designer of health & spiritual well-being: Athena Allread

Bring On The Woo is hosted by Veronica Irons, a professional psychic in Sedona, Arizona. Veronica has worked with thousands of individuals in her seven years as a healer, helping them become more aware of their own abilities and hidden talents, and revealing how those traits help shape their future.

Something magical happened in the 1980s, where a whole shift of different energies entered into the human realm to create beautiful change for the world. Speaking today to Athena Allread, the Seaside Shaman based out of Rehoboth Beach Delaware, she’s one of these beautiful energies that came in the 80s to really help transform everyone’s lives for the better. Being a part of what she calls the indigo children, those that came in during this time are looking to create deep, profound healing with individuals and eventually the world, as Athena does daily, in her life and work.

Originally from Baton Rouge, Louisiana, coming from a rather religious background, Athena‘s story starts very young and her recognition of her abilities to read adults and their feelings as well as having those “imaginary” friends that would be around her and supporting her in childhood. It wasn’t really until college that she started expressing even more of her spiritual abilities by exploring yoga alongside the very grounded and practical study of architecture. It was design that would initially propel her out of college into the world, yet it was a beautiful synchronicity of a desire to become a yoga instructor that would change her life.

She was fired from her architecture firm the weekend she decided to pursue yoga yet what would seem to be a travesty in our modern terms, also then opened the door to new opportunities as an instructor as well as other architecture jobs to sustain her living. It wasn’t until she had to reconcile her life after her second Saturn returns, and so much of her life fell apart including the death of her mother during this time, she discovered a shaman to help her on her journey and her healing. Athena got to such a breaking point that she was questioning life and whether or not she should be a part of it due to the amount of pain she was suffering. After working with the shaman and discovering what she really needed to do was grieve for all that she had lost to then allow herself to become someone new, did she realize that not only was her healing miraculous but also something she could do for others as well. And hence, began her journey as a shaman herself.

Athena is now a practicing shaman teacher, leader of groups and author that provides a tremendous amount of resources to those that she works with to have healthier, happier, more fulfilled lives. Some of the magic that she shares here with me today are of the synchronicity that happen when you allow yourself to surrender to the guidance of God and either discovering people who can help you on your path such as when she was starting her nonprofit, or bringing hope and faith into her life in such a magical profound way that I truly hope will move you on your path to remember that no matter how bleak things can seem there are always the stories that can uplift us as humanity bring us together and help us move forward.


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