Encountering the hand of God for a 180 change in life: Jason Flores

Bring On The Woo is hosted by Veronica Irons, a professional psychic in Sedona, Arizona. Veronica has worked with thousands of individuals in her seven years as a healer, helping them become more aware of their own abilities and hidden talents, and revealing how those traits help shape their future.

If there is ever a story where you can believe the hand of God is maneuvering somebody’s destiny in unfathomable ways, then listen in today for Jason Flores’ tale. Leading what all would consider to be a very idyllic life, pursuing his dreams and working for a high end tech company, traveling extensively, Jason was on the fast track for the traditional sense of success. It wasn’t until he was in Iceland on a vacation, that a congenital defect reared havoc and completely course corrected the path Jason was on. He has a rare genetic defect that someone would carry from birth, where he had a blood vessel burst in his brain, altering his cognitive and physical abilities. It was so severe that he was immediately rushed to the hospital in Iceland and stayed there for months after brain surgery before having to go home where he worked extensively with physical & mental therapy, fighting his emotional depression, until one day he admitted to his parents that he was done. He was so distraught at having them take care of him, when he really aspired to take care of them, that it took the life out of him. It wasn’t until his parents’ response to him, that left a tremendous mark in his life to this day, that they were so sorry for having done this to him that he realized he needed to get out of his funk.

By taking the reins and reevaluating his life after his near-death experience, Jason then realized that he needed to push himself to have a new experiences and let the universe guide him to where he needed to be and that’s when he found Mind valley that really resonated with him. Then that led him to their gathering called Afest, which after applying and being accepted, he was on his way to Bali. Jason experienced, like most of us can, incredible doubt about his decision to go but quickly realized that the beautiful people there & the connections were exactly what he had been looking for in his life. And even going to the next conference in Portugal, he found one of his closest friends now, had actually been in Bali, too. They had almost led parallel lives in finding they were in the exact same place in Singapore at almost the exact same time, live only minutes from one another in Southern California only to find that they had to meet in Portugal. A great example of divine synchronicity and connection in his life.

Jason has now come to realize that his life’s work is in service to others and he’s found his ability to do that through encouraging men in particular, to embrace their vulnerability as the strength it is rather than the weakness we’ve always perceived it to be. Within vulnerability, he finds life‘s greatest expression and that by conveying our feelings, we are able to release and experience life all encompassing, versus his trench analogy and constantly digging a hole and pretty soon finding yourself stuck down there because you’re trying to bury all those things that are uncomfortable. Vulnerability teaches us that the only way to deal with this pain is to go through it as he’s learned immeasurably in his own life. Now let’s listen in!

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