Finding a new life on the other side of health crisis: Polly Wirum

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polly wirum

It is not uncommon to hear stories of huge life changes in the face of adversity and there is nothing like a health scare to bring more life awareness to the forefront of our minds. Such as the case with Polly Wirum, who for all intents and purposes let a very traditional life, as a wife, a mother, a nurse, and even going above and beyond doing volunteer work, as well as training for marathons, that it wasn’t until She was in her early 40s that a tremendous health scare shook up her reality to alter her perception of life and how she was approaching it. Afterwards, there was no going back. 

Admittedly, Polly has always been fairly spiritual but it wasn’t until she had this reality check with health, that she realized there was so much more to life in ways that she hadn’t fathomed before. While no longer able to exert herself to extremes physically with marathons, mentally or emotionally with family and work, Polly‘s connection to the universe was deepend and there was a call for her to practice working with her spiritual gifts as the profound psychic and medium she is now. She has now come to honor that while no one likes to be uncomfortable, this awakening turned out to be the best gift she could have received as it has led her to a much healthier, happier and fulfilled life. 

In today’s episode, Polly shares fascinating stories of connection with nature throughout her life, whether it was bicycling national parks to constantly having beautiful interactions with animals, particularly coyotes. She has even seen how the trees show us we’re all connected and how this knowiness enriches her life. Polly has taken her awareness with energy and not only has used it to support and guide individuals one on one, in groups via retreats but now is taking her over decade worth of knowledge to teach and train others in their own intuitive abilities. She’s also in the final stages of having her book out with her journeys and stories of transformations that she’s witnessed along the way.

Some of the big takeaways from Polly‘s experience is to be aware of when we are forcing life versus being in the flow with it, such as a case with her pushing herself too hard to try to do everything and then realizing through sacrificing our health that it wasn’t worth it. Now she approaches life from a place of mores and effortlessness by allowing life to flow. Something also to be aware of is that it is important to have a second set of eyes on situations or problems that you may be encountering, like she found in her own life while writing her book. It’s been such a transformational piece for her that it brought up work she needed to do as well and so by having a coach she was able to not only get through completing her novel and disseminating the incredible information she has but also didn’t even able to use the tools to help him on her marriage. Seeking help and perspective only makes us more capable and stronger.


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