Memories found in the body lead to past life discoveries & healing: Erin Koenig

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Like technology, our body, when it works, is amazing! We feel we are able to sail through life with complete grace and ease, almost even, forgetting its existence. Yet when it doesn’t work, it seems like the end of the world! Unlike technology though, the pain & discomfort we feel in the day to day grind, can impact us so deeply, that it changes the course of our destiny. Such is the vein of conversation that we have today with Erin Koenig, an Intuitive Body Worker, Yoga Teacher & Massage therapist out of Oslo, Norway.

Erin has known her path from an early age, which was to set out and become a massage therapist to heal people with her hands. It began with what Erin and I agree now is probably inappropriate, at the time it worked, but it was an elementary school teacher’s request for a shoulder massage during classroom reading time that piqued her interest in hands-on healing. She would notice that if she wasn’t chosen that day for the reading session, the dynamic between watching the other students massaging the teacher’s shoulders would frustrate her when it was not being done appropriately. She was able to see the energy of how other students would leave on her teacher yet also, when she was chosen to do the shoulder rub, how and where the tension was carried within the muscles as well as then be able to alleviate it. She knew from her youth that she had healing hands but it wasn’t until she discovered Reiki that she realized she could incorporate energy work into the body work.

It wasn’t until she had a client who is a psychotherapist that came to her asking to release traumas and memories in the body from a severe break up that Erin realized that she was able to then begin working with her intuition more to help her clients. With this recognition things like past life memory recall in the body would come up, where whether you would want to call it an ancestral memory or past life, the body was holding on to aches or pains that were not associated with experiences in this lifetime. Case in point, her own story of having an arrow lodged in her back from an ex in a past life that would manifest as a sharp pain she would feel in her shoulder in this life with him, when they argued. Well come to find out he had shot her in a past life, with a bow and arrow and her body was remembering or reminding her how it felt unsafe around this individual. An amazing insight and experience for her to build upon to help other clients of hers overcome pains themselves. 

The big takeaways from this podcast are: that being attentive to our body and the messages that it is sending to us will really help us heal and function with fluidity. This will then move us forward in life with more understanding of creating a healthy vessel and potentially show us how to interact with others. Such as a case as another client of Erin’s, who is a therapist and is now able to incorporate body awareness into his work and with his clients to help them transcend their pains and traumas. Another important recognition is that we are crystalline beings as fascial tissue in itself is & resonates at the same pioezo-eletric frequency as crystals. She and I really dive into the depths about how this tissue is much more profound and important as a transmitter of information and energy as well as being an incredible support system for our bodies.

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