How a single question can be pivotal in opening up reality: Isaac Mars

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isaac mars

On Most awakening paths that I have encountered, generally there is an accumulation of events that leads to one really pivotal moment, that will open somebody’s eyes to the spiritual realm. In the case of Isaac Mars, there was a lot of life experience that would lead him up to this culmination of awareness but the actual split second change of his entire world and identity came from a simple question, whispered within seconds, which was ‘what is time’? Stemming from the need to create a digestible perception of the flow of time in a sci-fi fantasy book that he was undertaking, this elementary inquisition into how time works in our perceived reality and could work within a book with time travel, Isaac realized that all is not what it had seem to be as he initially thought and lived.

Now, of course, part of his story also includes that ever present drive for love, in which Isaac recognizes was a crucial piece of his awakening process, in meeting what he calls his twin flame. While inspirational, as with most of these connections, it’s very deep, very intense and generally leads to a separation, which happened to him. Yet without going through this impassioned and extraordinary experience, Isaac admitted that it was extremely important to create the foundation of self-awareness and love of himself. It catapulted him to start defining himself as who he wanted to be in the world, as well as what he wanted to create, which would lead him to the book.

This story is one about embracing surrender, as a lot of his progress forward into public speaking has stemmed from the ability to trust the divine and go where he’s been called. When that call has been heeded, Isaac has been able to appear on stage miraculously after cancellations of previous speakers and has helped him to create profound connections. These individuals are helping to propel him forward in getting his message out about the importance and vitality of becoming a more heart centered individual: not only a spiritual practice but as a daily life philosophy.

The big takeaways from this interview are hopefully beginning to recognize the significance of being curious about life and how it works for you as well as others, the importance of being in your heart space to embrace effortlessness, as well as developing faith, in your life purpose and path and discovering your soul family/tribe, and hearing about how beautiful opportunities will present themselves when you do, just as Isaac has experienced. He is currently based out of Sedona, Arizona and will be in Mount Shasta in the summer of 2022 speaking on said topics. You can easily reach him directly if you ever called for spiritual counseling and guidance.

Isaac’s story goes to show that no matter your history of origin, whether it be the military, a traditional job, from schooling or wherever you have found yourself doing, finding inspiration and connection to the universe is attainable for everyone.


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